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Chalk Talk 12/29-12/30

Don't forget to get your teams signed up for Tri City by the end of the day 1/6. I have the following teams signed up so far from the valley:

8 Bits

Scratch This w/The D

Hateful 8



Bad Intentions

A League 40's

Jason Hale - Grumpy Ol Men

Bob Pauly - Grumpy Ol Men

Stephanie Spackman - Cowboy Bar

Morgan Ivie - Deadstroke

Jamie Farrell - Deadstroke

Mike Hamblin - Deadstroke

Chance Schafer - Bad Intentions

Phil Mayne - Hateful 8

Darrin Russell - Scratch This w/ The D

Cory Dutra - Hateful 8

Carolyn Broadwater - Bullseye

Tom Spann - BVR

B League 40's

Randy Lambo - 9 Bits

Jason Hale - Sidewalk Chalk

Darrin Russell - Cue Phoria

Randi Singleton - Beautiful Shit Show

Stephanie Spackman - Beautiful Shit Show


Jason Hale

8 Ball Breaks

Bill Leaders - Bullseye

Morgan Ivie - Deadstroke

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