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Chalk Talk 12/1-12/2

Nightly Envelopes & Scoresheets

We’re going to try something a little different with our envelopes and scoresheets. Instead of having prefilled envelopes waiting at each bar every week, each bar will have blank envelopes and scoresheets.

The home team captain will get one envelope and one scoresheet from the bartender and fill out the match information and date. Both teams will put their money in one envelope, with both captains signing the envelope agreeing on the amount inside. After your match is complete bring your scoresheet and envelope back to the bartender and they’ll hold onto them like normal. Please DO NOT put the scoresheet inside the envelope. If someone on your team does not pay for the night, write down who it is on the envelope.

40’s A League

Chad Spackman – F&M Cowboys

Todd Beckstead - Rebels

40’s B League

Jason Hale – Sidewalk Chalk

James Singleton – Sidewalk Chalk

Vance Matlock – Bad to the Bone

Randi Singleton – Beautiful Shit Show

Stephanie Spackman – Beautiful Shit Show

Jamie Farrell – Lunachicks+

Darien Creamer – Bull Shooters


Slade Toomer – Toomstone

Doug Dunford – Deadstroke

Duane Tysver – Grumpy Ol Men

Tyler Cantrell - Shotz

8 Ball Break

None This Week

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